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4/5 POWER TOTS ( 4-5 years old ) 

The Preschool Gymnastics 4/5 is more skill-oriented than our Tumblebear classes. There is more structure with an emphasis on gymnastic skills. Even though the “fun” themes such as Outer Space Week may be the focus in the gym, this class will encourage greater gymnastics development because of an extended fifteen minutes of class time which allows the student to stay focused on learning skills. They use all the gymnastic equipment including uneven bars, balance beam, trampoline, and Tumbl-Trak. Tumbling activities including handstands, cartwheels, and bridges will also be a major part of this class.

  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Pre-Qualifications: Children ages 4 and 5 years old.
  • Apparel:  Girls: Leotard and gymnastics shoes, no skirt or tights. Boys: T-Shirt tucked into elastic waistband shorts with gymnastics shoes.  Parents: socks, no bare feet.

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