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HOT SHOTS ( 3 - 5 years old ) 
*By invitation/evaluation only

This class is designed for the most talented young gymnasts who have ability and desire to be in a warm but challenging environment. The HOT SHOTS is specifically designed to meet the needs and challenges of our young gymnasts who have demonstrated great body awareness, control & strength. There are very specific goals that we are focused on achieving.

Gymnasts are hand selected for this program based on their attitude, work ethic, desire, gymnastics skills, strength, flexibility, determination & personality. This is a pre-competitive program and it requires parent and gymnasts commitment to a min of two classes per week, 75 min each.

The Hot Shots program is designed to prepare young gymnasts for future competition by emphasizing strong basic fundamentals, strength, flexibility, discipline and respect for the sport. It is gymnast’s introduction to Pre-Competitive Program which actually takes the little gymnast to the next, more serious, level of gymnastics: gymnastics as a “sport” verses gymnastics as an “activities”.

Training will maintain a balance of seriousness and fun, and the entire experience will be extremely enjoyable for children who are passionate about the sport!
This program is similar to TOPS but is designed for the youngest gymnasts who have not met the age requirements for the TOPS program.

As all MGDA Pre-Competitive Gymnasts, Hot Shots members need to participate in all Team Intensive programs and/or Team Camps/Clinics at Miami Gymnastics through the entire year.

Classes are 75 min and all students in the Hot Shots are required to attend two classes per week.

HOT SHOTS Practice Schedule
(regular training schedule September through May/June, schedule will be adjusted during summer months)

  • Length 75 mins 
  • Pre-Qualifications - Must pass skill level test 
  • Apparel:  
  • Girls: Leotard and gymnastics shoes, no skirt or tights. 
  • Boys: T-Shirt tucked into elastic waistband shorts with gymnastics shoes.  
  • Parents: socks, no bare feet.
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