Competitive Teams

Miami Gymnastics and Dance offers the following teams:

Girls Artistic 
The Girls award-winning competitive team program is at the fore front at Miami Gymnastics.  The difference between gymnastics as a sport and as an activity are clearly demarcated by the intensity of our Girls Artistic Competitive Team Program.

Mens Artistic
Our mission is to help all our young athletes achieve their fullest potential in competitive gymnastics.  The Miami Gymnastics staff is dedicated to their role of guiding gymnasts through the myriad of training options, thereby exposing the ahtletes' true potential, helping them develop into mentally and physically strong athletes.

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Our award-winning Girls only competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics team program is a passion for us at Miami Gymnastics.  This program is meant for those girls who want to participate in the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics and not the “activity” of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Cheer Team
Cheerleading combines most elements of dance and gymnastics, creating a sport that requires the utmost in team working and goal setting.  Our class combines the athletic fun of non-competitive and competitive cheerleading.

The Miami Gymnastics Tumbling Program is for students that are interested who want to concentrate on floor exercise tumbling skills. Students have available a plethora of learning tools to assist them.